Application For Head of Transfiguration

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Prof. Felix Fálki

Ravenclaw HoH, Transfiguration Professor
Aug 17, 2020
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Professor's Name: Felix Fálki
New or Existing Character: New
List All Your Current Characters No additional 
Course Applying to Teach Tran-xxxx (unsure of what levels will be required to be taught for the fall term)
List Four Topics You Wish To Teach In The Course: Depending on the level will be the basis for this. I will assume 101 for the time being
The four disciplines of Transfiguration

Gamps Laws and what they mean

Match to needle spell

Reparifarge spell

Provide An Example First Post For A Lesson:

The nostalgia still hit Felix when he walked into his classroom off of the court yard, nice and bright in the fall breeze, windows flung open the first hints of fall being carried on the breeze. He walked straight up to the board past the empty desks that all to soon would be filled with, what he hoped would be wide eyed students excited about Transfiguration and the skill and time that would be required to master it. As he was still working towards himself. 

Strolling up to the black board at the front with the wave of his wand the chalk was charmed and dancing across the board. Yes I think a demonstration of what Transfiguration can do is in order. He thinks to him self as the chalk precisely writes out the four disciplines of Transfiguration. The chalk finished writing up in the right hand corner that they would need their text books turned to page 32, parchment and a quill out, as the first students started to filter in.

Turning on his heal with a smile on his grizzled face he watches as the students take a seat.

Do you understand and Agree To Teach To the Teaching Standards? Yes

Prof. Alexander Johnson

Chairman of the Board, Hogwarts Headmaster
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Jul 8, 2020
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Hello 1@[COLOR= #4169E1]Prof. Felix Fálki[/COLOR][/USER],

We would love to welcome to to the team! I will sending you a professor welcome PM shortly.

Please Submit Your Fall Term Courses Here: 

Welcome aboard!

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