Lesson One: Essentials of Potion Making

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Prof. Ambrose Hewes

Hufflepuff HoH, Potions Professor
Jul 29, 2020
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Ambrose returned to the dungeon classroom. A brief sprucing up, after summer term, left the classroom unattended and locked until beginning of fall term. A flick of his wand unlocked the door. Opening the door, he could feel the cool damp air cling to his button down shirt. Another flick of the wand commanded the benches to lift off the tables and settle on the floor beneath. Dust puffed and waffled through the air, creating a magical scene which felt comfortable to Ambrose. Taking the long route around the student tables, he unlocked the cabinets filled with minor healing potions and basic ingredients needed for the introductory lesson. From the bottom most cabinet, he grabbed several Phials, he continued towards the Instructor's table and placed each carefully in a row.

Basic Ingredients.jpg
Ambrose glanced at the clock above the door of the classroom; it showed quarter to the hour. He clasped his hands, a gleeful smile on his face, and perched himself on the Instructor's platform waiting for students to arrive.