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Alexander was exhausted was exhausted to say the least. Before arriving to the school he had a mandatory meeting with the Minister of Magic. The Minister had seemed distracted of course that was to be expected with the state of thing. But, Alexander had just wanted to get out of there.

Now, talking up the gates of the school, Alexander let everything set in. Things were going to be different there was no denying it. Now that he was the Headmaster instead of the defense against the darks professor he was out of his depth. But where would things take him?

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Nora had been wandering around the gates of the school, waiting for Alexander's arrival. Luckily, she did not have to wait long. Wishing minutes Alexander was walking through the gates and magical wards, but he looked like he was lost in thought. Nora made her way to over to him slowly as she did not want to scare him.

"Hello, Alexander." Nora greeted, "How are you?" She asked.

Nora had known Alexander from they day she started at Hogwarts and had always looked up to him. Now, he would be taking over the position as Headmaster.

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