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Prof. Alexander Johnson

Professor Applications

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Hogwarts Rebirth is looking for professor teach in our current and upcoming term! We offer two different variations of class styles. Fourm based classes are roleplaying post by post throughout the term and allow students to earn their points through posts and their course credit. Non-RP courses will allow students to read the lesson material, an complete an assignment to earn points and their course credit.


Forum Based Roleplay Courses

ANRU101F: Basic Ancient Runes

ARIT101-F: Basic Arithmancy

ASTR101-F: Basic Astronomy

COMC101-F: Basic Care of Magical Creatures

DIVI101-F: Basic Divinations

FLYI101-F: Basic Flying

HIST101-F: Basic History of Magic

MUGG101-F: Basic Muggle Studies

POTI101-F: Basic Potions

TRAN101-F: Transfiguration


Non-RP Based Courses

ANRU101-N: Basic Ancient Runes

ASTR101-N: Basic Astronomy

COMC101-N: Basic Care of Magical Creatures

DIVI101-N: Basic Divinations

FLYI101-N: Basic Flying

HIST101-N: Basic History of Magic

MUGG101-N: Basic Muggle Studies

POTI101-N: Basic Potions

TRAN101-N: Transfiguration



To apply, copy the application and start a new topic in Contact The Governors with the title Professor Application.

Professor's Name:
New or Existing Character:
List All Your Current Characters
Course Applying to Teach (Example: COMC101-F: Basic Care of Magical Creatures)
List Four Topics You Wish To Teach In The Course:
Provide An Example First Post For A Lesson:
Do you Understand and Agree To Teach To the Teaching Standards?


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