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Draco & Hermione Post Face Punch

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Somewhere in a dark corner of the dungeons beneath the Hogwarts castle.

"Do you think they suspected anything?" Draco asked Hermione.

"No, they were too busy laughing their asses off," Hermione replied.

"Good," Draco replied taking Hermione's face in his hands and kissing her lightly. "You know you didn't have to punch me so hard."

"I know, but you were being a jerk last night."

"So something I said last night caused to break my nose in three places."

"Yes," Hermione replied flatly. "You were making some awfully erotic jokes about putting your snake in my chamber of secrets if I remember correctly?"

"What are erotic jokes off the table now?" Draco asked.

"I just don't like them," Hermione replied shyly.

"Oh alright, I'm sorry." Draco apologized while he made an attempt to kiss Hermione.

"You're not getting off that easily."

"I'd say I'm probably not going to get off at all," Draco replied while chuckling.

"Honestly between you boys are a bunch of baboons!" Hermione cried and began running down the dungeon corridor.

"I'm sorry!" Draco yelled after her as he began making his way back to the common room. Woman these days, he thought.

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