Introducing Discord Integration! Today we are announcing that our discord server is now officially integrated into the site. To link your account, visit the Connected Accounts page in your profile settings. (LINK) Once your discord account has been added your roles will be synchronized and you will have access to channels you need. Site announcements will automatically be posted in the announcements channel. We hope you all enjoy this new feature!
We are currently looking for professors for the subjects listed below. Requirements: 1. Must be able to join our discord server. 2. Be able to set aside 2-3 hours a week for posts and other teaching related tasks. 3. Meet deadlines. Compensation: Upon successfully meeting all deadlines and completing the term you will receive the following: 1. One course credit per class completed to be used with any of your student characters. 2. 600 Galleons Open Positions: Ancient Runes Arithmancy Astronomy Care of Magical Creatures Defense Against the Dark Arts Divinations Flying History of Magic Transfiguration How to Apply: To apply, copy the code below and create a new topic in the contact the governors forum with the topic of professor application. Desired Professor's Name: Is this an existing character or a new character?: List Any Other Characters You Have: Which course are you applying to teach?: List at least three topics you will cover in the course: Why would you like to teach thise course?: Provide a sample post of your first lesson: