Hogwarts Rebirth is looking for professors to teach in our current and upcoming term! We offer two different variations of class styles. Forum based classes are roleplaying post by post throughout the term and allow students to earn their points through posts and their course credit. Non-RP courses will allow students to read the lesson material, and complete an assignment to earn points and their course credit. Open Department Head Positions Ancient Runes Astronomy Care of Magical Creatures Divinations History of Magic Application To apply, copy the application, and start a new topic in Contact The Governors with the title Professor Application. Professor's Name: New or Existing Character: List All Your Current Characters Course Applying to Teach (Example: COMC101-F: Basic Care of Magical Creatures) List Four Topics You Wish To Teach In The Course: Provide An Example First Post For A Lesson: Do you Understand and Agree To Teach To the Teaching Standards?
Summer 2020 June 15th - Term Begins August 17th - Term Ends August 21st - Final Grades Due August 21st - Final House Points Due August 22nd - House Cup Announced Fall 2020 September 1st - Term Begins October 1st - November 2nd - Sitewide Spooky Event December 7th - Term Ends December 11th - Final Grades Due December 11th - Final House Points Due December 12th - House Cup Announced December 18th - 28th - Winter Ball
The Ministry of Magic is currently looking to fill the following positions as phase one of the hiring for the Ministry of Magic. If any of these positions interest you, please find out more information at the bottom of the post. Minister for Magic's Office and Support Staff 1 - Secretary 1 - Adviser to the Minister for Magic 1 - Senior Undersecretary to the Minister 2 - Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement 3 - Aurors Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes 1 - Department Head 3 - Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Members 2 - Obliviators Application To apply, copy the application, and start a new topic in Contact The Governors with the title Ministry Application. Adult's Name: New or Existing Character: List All Your Current Characters: Position applying for (Example: Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes: Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Member) List three reasons you fit this position: Provide an example of a post from this position's perspective: Do you understand and agree to the Site Rules? We look forward to reading the applications of those who apply!
Hello everyone! It's time to announce the winner of the house for the Summer 2020 term. In fourth place coming in with 10 points is Ravenclaw. In third place with 30 points, Gryffindor. In second place with 50 points is Slytherin. That means in first place with 70 points goes to HUFFLEPUFF! Congratulations Hufflepuff, job well done! Great job everyone, and well done for another term at Hogwarts!