Getting Started Guide

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Prof. Alexander Johnson

Chairman of the Board , Hogwarts Headmaster
When registering you may choose to be an adult or a student in one of the four Hogwarts houses. You will need to register with your character’s First and Last name.

Face Claims/ Play-Bys
Face claims are the celebrity that represent your character on the site. For more information check out the Face Claims post.

Classes are taught during different terms. Check the calendar to see when the next term begins. A list will be posted of the available classes you may take once the next term is close to starting.

More Class Information
Hogwarts Rebirth has a unique system for classes. We follow the three-term system, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Fall and Spring terms are normal departments and classes while summer term offers different and unique forms of study.

Each professor sets their own criteria for how to pass their classes. But to advance to the next year, the student must obtain three credits in that one term. At the end of each term, a move up thread will be posted and students who have obtained three credits will reply if they want to move up to the next year. Year move-ups are not automatic!

Students are encouraged to read the syllabus of each course to understand the requirements before signing up for it.

House Points
Here at Hogwarts Rebirth, we offer the opportunity to earn house points. These house points are tallied at the end of term and the Governor's award the house, with the most points, the House Cup for that term. Here are a few ways you can earn house points:

  • Classes - As you participate in classes; professors may award you house points. There are diverse ways to earn points in each class.
  • Contests - From time to time, the site runs different contests. If you win the contest, a set amount of house points will be awarded to you. The amounts vary based on the contest and will be posted on the contest’s main page.
  • Posting - Sometimes you can even earn house points just from posting around the site.
  • Governor Awarded Points - Governors can award points however they see fit. Be active around the forums and community and you might earn yourself some extra points along the way.

Contacting the Governors
If you need help, we encourage you to post in the Contact the Governors forum. Only you are the Governors will see your post in this forum.

We do offer a discord server for chatting. You can join us HERE.
Not open for further replies.