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Site Rules

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Hogwarts Rebirth is a PG-13 site. Cursing is allowed in moderation. Keep all sexual activity non-descriptive! Mild violence is permitted but anything excessive will need to be posted in designated password-protected areas.

Official Language

The official site language of Hogwarts Rebirth is English.

Account Creation

When creating a new account, you will need to use your character’s first and last name as the display name. This is important! For multiple accounts, you need to use a different account. 

Character Creation

You may create as many characters as you wish. (We even have a nifty account switcher to help!) We only ask that you keep them active.

General Posting Etiquette

Refrain from double posting whenever possible. Proper capitalization and grammar are appreciated! While posting in character, no god-modding is permitted. In-character posts should be in the third person.

Site Administrators

The site administrators are the Governors. The current owner of Hogwarts Rebuilt is Prof. Alexander Johnson. The Governor's board rulings are final.


The Governors reserve the right to update and change these rules with or without notice.

TL;DR:  We are a PG-13 site. There are no character limits. We are an English board.
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