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    Name: Jason Opal Current Year: First Year
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    Name: Britney King Current Year: First Year
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    Jason wrote the topic on his parchment and the notes on the board. It was now time to put the lesson into practice. Jason took his wand and pointed it at the plant. "Diffindo." Jason commanded and a clean cut was produced where he had pointed his wand. Jason smirked, perfect he thought to himself. He tried the spell again it produced the same affect. Jason raised his hand to call the professor over.
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    Jason entered the herbology greenhouse and stink of earth assaulted his nose. Yuck, he thought to himself. This was muggle and servants work not a true wizards work. But this was a required class and it was with the headmaster. Jason was not going to complain he wanted to be on the headmaster's good side. Glancing around Jason took a seat towards the front of the room so that the headmaster could plainly see him. "Hello Professor." Jason greeted and waited for the lesson to begin.
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    Jason made a few notes here and there as the professor talked. This lesson was going to be breeze. The hovering charm was used so much back at home that Jason thought he could preform it in his sleep for the amount times he watched his parents cast the spell. Jason cleared his mind and focused on the feather. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Jason commanded and the feather shot up from the desk and hovered where Jason was pointing his wand. He moved his wand and the feather followed without hesitation. This is perfect, Jason thought. Satisfied with the results Jason pointed his wand at his desk and the feather came to peaceful rest where he had pointed his wand. Now Jason waited for the professor to continue the lesson.
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    Suddenly the professor's voice was heard, and Britney lost focus. That caused the feather to fall slowly on to her desk. Listening to the professor talk Britney broke out into a smile. Swett, she thought, already earning points for Gryffindor! Britney's mother would have been so pleased. "Thank you professor." Britney nodded and began working with her feather again.
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    Britney had written a few notes about what the professor had said and what was written on the board. Her mother had not used magic at home, but when she was in a magical place like Diagon Alley her mother's true skills were revealed. Britney only hoped that she could live up to be as great at charms as her mother. Taking a breath she closed her eyes concentrating for a moment and letting the sounds around the room disappear. Britney then opened her eyes and motioned to the feather and said. "Wingardium Leviosa!" The feather flew up into the air when Britney had pointed her wand. Holy cow, I did it Britney thought to her self. Making sure to keep concentrating Britney moved her wand and the feather followed the movement throughout the air.
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    Alesie took a big bite from a biscuit as she listened to the headmaster. His next question wasn't as simple as the first one, but as always she spoke from the heart. With the right mindset, she believed history was the most exciting class at Hogwarts. "I would show them how great and important history is with engaging discussions and enactments. I believe it's the only way for students to enjoy history while learning. " she replied, after finishing her biscuit. Thinking of her own Hogwarts experience, she added with a raised eyebrow and a knowing smile, "This professor wouldn't happen to be Professor Binns, right?"
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    "I applied for this position, because it's my dream job and I missed the chance to get it before. I adore history and I love reading about all the amazing events that had occurred. I especially enjoy the fact that history influences the present time and the future and that every moment that pasts is being added to history. I hope that if I obtain this position that I'll be able to instill my love for history into the students and inspire them to make their own marks in history." Alesie Raynor said, passionately. It was such an easy question. She had always gotten high marks when she had taken History of Magic and she was confident she could make her students just as successful.
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    Victoria was not discouraged, it seemed that people were slowly making progress around her. She just needed to concenrate really hard. Readying herself, Victoria flicked her wand and called, "Wingardium Leviosa." To her surprise the feather finally lifted into the air and with her wand she was able to control it's movements. Satisifed with her progress she motioned for the feather to fall back down to the desk. But it was then that a parchment flew into her lap. Caught off guard she shrieked and began looking around to the culprit. There was no one suspcious but there was a Ravenclaw looking a little to intensly at her textbook. Hmmm, Victoria thought and returned to her work.
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    After gently resting her feather on her table, she sighed with relief. With a swish and a flick, she had successfully performed the spell. She started observing the room, waiting for the professor to give more instructions. Her bright eyes caught sight of a familiar Ravenclaw. The Ravenclaw looked as though she were having trouble with the spell although she seemed to be putting a lot of effort into her attempts. Tina wanted to try to help, but she was terrified of talking to someone she didn't know - especially during class in a room full of people. A brilliant yet daring idea popped into Tina's brain as she picked up a new piece of parchment and dipped her quill into her ink. With her neatest handwriting, she wrote: 1. You're a Ravenclaw. You can do this. 2. Relax and let your mind feel as light as the feather. 3. Try practicing the incantation and wand movement before you perform the spell to get more comfortable. Hope this helps and good luck. Tina folded the parchment into a small square then whispered, "Wingardium Leviosa." She managed to keep the small piece of parchment at a low level as it slowly floated across the her room. Unfortunately, her arm grew heavier as she struggled to reach the Ravenclaw's table. She winced as the spell gave out and the parchment fell onto the Ravenclaw's lap. Then she quickly buried her head in a Charms textbook, so no one would suspect she was the culprit.
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