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    Alexander still was not used to all of Danny's magic. "Did you want something stronger to drink?" He asked and gestured to the couch in front of them. He had brought the piece from his family vault in Gringotts. It had been in his family for generations and he was sure it was worth a hell of a lot. But, Alexander found it extremely comfortable. "That is possible, he is very strong." Alexander whispered, even though the apartments were surrounded by ancient strong magic. "Any help would be appreciated." Alexander smiled. Then they moment Alexander dreaded came. "I knew you would be able to feel it too. They become weaker everyday it seems." he said with a tiny tear forming in his eye.
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    Alexander chuckled, "These portraits have heard worse. Arya and I meet here often so ..." he trailed off. Alexander took a sip of his tea and felt a bit of clam overcome him. "Americans and their cookies, they will forever be biscuits." Alexander chuckled. But then he felt the mood change. "I haven't been sleeping, but it has gotten worse lately. I find myself wondering the halls wondering how I got there." Alexander confirmed, he had not admitted that to anyone. They probably would have thought he was insane and had him sacked. Then Danny mentioned his remedy. "At this point I am open to all options." he sighed. "You have that look, I think we need to move this conversation to the private apartments." Alexander called, motioning him to a bookcase at the far end of the wall. With a flick of his wand the bookcase transformed into a door and opened it. Looking behind he replied. "Very bad."
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    "Bullsh-." A sharp look from the portraits reminded him where he was and he flushed. He took the tea out of politeness more than anything, took one sip, and winced at the taste. He had never been a tea guy. "They're called cookies, you know." An age old argument done so much now that they could both recite each other's lines. Regardless, Danny nibbled on the corner of one and followed Alex as he walked farther into the office. "You're not sleeping." He tried to sound nonchalant, but Alex had never fallen for that. "Do I need to get you something for that?" The something wasn't exactly legal. Something prickled at the back of his mind and Danny itched at his nose. Privacy, he thought, sure was a luxury that his friend wasn't given as the head of a school. "How bad is it?"
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    The moment the door burst open, Alexander knew exactly who it was. "Danny!!" Alexander smiled, he instantly felt warmth and love. How did he manage to always look so good. But before he could think anymore he was engulfed in Danny's hug. Alexander hugged him back, hoping he could feel how much he needed him. He never pretended to know all of Danny's magic and powers but he could only wonder. Breaking apart, Alexander answered Danny. "Leave it you to comment on the password first." he chuckled. "I've missed you so much." Alexander confirmed. Gesturing the sitting area towards to the left of the office, Alexander smiled half heartily. "I'm the best I can be at the moment." he confirmed. Even hearing the words come out his month, Alexander knew how they must sound to Danny. "Tea, biscuits?" Alexander asked.
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    Danny didn't knock. Well, to be fair, he didn't have to. The door swung itself open when Danny all but leaned against it. He stumbled in the doorway in a much less fashionable manner than he preferred. He recovered quick, his eyes first meeting the unimpressed gaze of Severus Snape's portrait and then flickering to the quietly amused blue of Albus Dumbledore. "Mister Anderson." It was a Scottish accent that greated him first. The voice of the woman that had lectured him far too long on using the light instead of the dark. McGonagall. Which meant.... Alex blinked at him, startled for all of a moment before smiling wide. It had always used to shock people when they learned that it was Danny that had been a Hufflepuff and not Alex. Alex was handsome, though. Conventionally attractive and warm in a way that Slytherins usually had reservations about showing. It was with relief that Danny observed him, took in the crisp lines of his suit and steam from the tea cup in his hand. "Your password sucks." He didn't give Alex time to answer, instead closing the space between them with an almost desperate hug. He held his friend tight, breathed in the scent of the books he always surrounded himself with and ran a quick diagnositic spell over Alex's body. It wasn't exactly subtle and Danny knew that Alex was talented enough to acknowledge the tickle for what it was. "You're okay?"
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    Someone is coming, the wards of the office called to him. With a flick of his wand, Alexander summoned a set of hot tea and biscuits in the sitting area just off the office. Alexander made his way to his desk and wondered who it was that was coming. He did have a hunch though Danny, Ben, and Emily were supposed to start getting settled in the castle today. Alexander made a mental note to check on them in a bit. Glancing at the time, he was glad it was still mid morning because he had so many things left to do. He glanced around at the portraits and smiled when he came across McGonagall. She was his mentor and he loved her to death, they were still in contact every week and he Cherished their friendship. Alexander felt comfort knowing that Danny, Ben, and Emily were moving into the castle. He needed his family close at this moment. Arya was also their family and their almost daily meetings brightened his day. There were so many things happening, and it felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He needed help and his family was there for him. Smiling, Alexander waited for the knock on the door.
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