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  1. HERB101-F: Basic Herbology Final Class Points
  2. HERB101-F: Basic Herbology Final Class Points
  3. HERB101-F: Basic Herbology Final Class Points
  4. It's that time of year again, time for year move-ups. If you have received 3 credits during the current term you may request to be moved up to the next year by replying to this topic using the code below. You can check what credit you have earned by checking your profile. Name: Current Year:
  5. Alexander was interrupted from his walk when he heard a voice behind him. He turned and saw a first year Slytherin there. "Hello Mr. Opal, it's nice to see you as well." Alexander nodded. Alexander could not help but think how the young Jason looked so much like his father. They had been friends for many years but had recently stopped communicating recently. Thinking of it, Alexander thought it was kind of odd. "How are you and your family doing?" He asked.
  6. Term ends Monday. Be sure to get in any last posts or extra credit completed.

  7. Hi @Jason Opal, Good catch! Galleons are a new feature we are working on. We will be releasing it in the upcoming beta of Hogwarts Rebirth 2.0. More information will be shared then. 🙂
  8. Hogwarts Rebirth is looking for professors to teach in our upcoming summer term. term! Fourm based classes are roleplaying post by post throughout the term and allow students to earn their points through posts and their course credit. Note: Summer term is different then our regular fall, winter, and spring terms. Classes are more fun topic related. ANRU-S101: Choose Your Own Topic ARIT-S101: Choose Your Own Topic ASTR-S101: Choose Your Own Topic COMC-S101: Choose Your Own Topic DIVI-S101: Choose Your Own Topic FLY-SI101: Choose Your Own Topic HIST-S101: Choose Your Own Topic MUGG-S101: Choose Your Own Topic POTI-S101: Choose Your Own Topic TRAN-S101: Choose Your Own Topic Application To apply, copy the application and start a new topic in Contact The Governors with the title Professor Application. Professor's Name: New or Existing Character: List All Your Current Characters Course Applying to Teach (Example: COMC101: Basic Care of Magical Creatures) List Four Topics You Wish To Teach In The Course: Provide An Example First Post For A Lesson: Do you Understand and Agree To Teach To the Teaching Standards?
  9. History of Magic Final Class House Points
  10. History of Magic Final Class House Points
  11. History of Magic Final Class House Points
  12. History of Magic students, please check the classroom forum for an important announcement.

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