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  1. Beatrice looked up as the students began to arrived. She noticed one of the first was a Slytherin from her house. "Hello everyone, be sure to take out for supplies while you wait for the class to begin." Beatrice announced. She saw that the Slytherin was already prepared and it pleased her.
  2. The Office of Prof. Beatrice Price Slytherin Head of House Charms Department Head
  3. CHAR101-N: Basic Charms - APPROVED
  4. CHAR101-F: Basic Charms - APPROVED
  5. Beatrice moved about her classroom making sure all the desks has a feather. After placing the feather on the last desk, she moved to the front of the classroom and wrote on the blackboard. Levitation Charm Wingardium Leviosa Once finished, Beatrice made her way to her desk and sat down and waited for the students to arrive.
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