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  1. Name: Britney King Current Year: First Year
  2. Suddenly the professor's voice was heard, and Britney lost focus. That caused the feather to fall slowly on to her desk. Listening to the professor talk Britney broke out into a smile. Swett, she thought, already earning points for Gryffindor! Britney's mother would have been so pleased. "Thank you professor." Britney nodded and began working with her feather again.
  3. Britney had written a few notes about what the professor had said and what was written on the board. Her mother had not used magic at home, but when she was in a magical place like Diagon Alley her mother's true skills were revealed. Britney only hoped that she could live up to be as great at charms as her mother. Taking a breath she closed her eyes concentrating for a moment and letting the sounds around the room disappear. Britney then opened her eyes and motioned to the feather and said. "Wingardium Leviosa!" The feather flew up into the air when Britney had pointed her wand. Holy cow, I did it Britney thought to her self. Making sure to keep concentrating Britney moved her wand and the feather followed the movement throughout the air.
  4. Britney was taking notes as the professor spoke. She had never really enjoyed learning about history before but that professor was making it interesting and Britney could not help be intrigued. Finishing the last work on the parchment, the professor asked another question, and this time Britney raised her hand. She was sure not afraid of his peaking her mind on certain topics.
  5. Britney King

    Britney King

    Demi Lovato
  6. Student Name: Britney King Requested House: Gryffindor Why Would Like to be Sorted Into This House: Britney has always stood up for those around her and is not afraid of a challenge. Background of Character: Britney grew up in a half muggle half witch household. Her mother had attended Hogwarts and was sorted in Gryffindor. Anything Else You Wish to Include: N/A
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