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  1. Britney had been waiting all day for this lesson. She missed being able to fly on her broom whenever she wanted. Listening, Britney could not help but feel energetic just from the energy the professor was giving off. She even ended smiling to herself. Britney looked around at the other students and noticed they seemed to have the same energy as well. "Uh, Marc I think I read something about a cushioning charm being placed on brooms." Britney said shyly. She still hated talking in classes, it always made her so insecure.
  2. Britney slowly made her way to the charms clearing. She had so much on her mind between school and home life. But, she was determined to put her best effort into the class. Entering the clearing Britney smiled and made her way to a bench and sat down and then examined the board. This is going to be fun, Britney thought. "Hello, Professor." Britney greeted, and began to ready herself for the lesson.