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  1. Azalea stepped carefully down the steps to the dungeon level of the school. The stone passages were dark and cold, feeling damp to the touch. She reached the bottom of the stairwell, hesitantly peering down both directions. Several doors dotted the opposite wall. She hesitated, unable to identify which way her class would be. She took a left and hoped it would lead to the right door. 'Finally,' she thought, arriving at the potions classroom. She pushed in the classroom door to a large bay with wooden benches. An older gentleman stood in front, 'Professor Hewes,' she noted quietly.
  2. Azalea had been listening carefully to the Professor. Keen to follow each instruction and tip perfectly. She was most anxious about this class, intimated by the thought of both speed and height. She had thought of skipping the class, or saving it for another term; but she was conflicted. 'After all, what is a witch without a broom', she had told herself when signing up for classes. Now, live on the first day, she only hoped she wouldn't make a fool of herself. "Profes...Marc," she winced, surprised at how fast the instinct to call every adult by their teaching title. "There is the B
  3. Azalea had prepared herself for the first day of class the night before, while the other girls from her dorm were down in the common room. She was thrilled to begin her studies, and didn't want to be caught unprepared. The experience at Hogwarts was overwhelming and breathtaking. There was so much to see and do, just exploring the school grounds. The buffet tables alone were enough to distract even the most dedicated student. She had finished breakfast with 15 minutes to spare before her first morning class. She had carefully watched the clock tic, wanting to ensure she had plenty