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  1. Small and shacklike, and painted an odd-color orange. The desk is directly in front of the door, a small and battered little birch piece. There's enough room for a single chair and a filing cabinet to the professor's left. Behind the desk and above Marc's head is the Thunderbolt model III that he rode his entire Quidditch career. Surrounding it is a Golden Snitch marked "Italy's First World Cup Semi Final Victory" and two US Quidditch League Championship rings framed beside the snitch. Along either wall are framed portraits of famous Quidditch players and broom engineers, chit chat
  2. Impressed with himself, Hogwarts' new flying professor stood gazing out over his handiwork with a massive, tilted grin, his fists on his hips in ultraconfidence. Marc Antony Endredgigon had arrived early in the morning, flew a quick couple laps on the pitch, and got to setting up for his first ever class just outside of the Quidditch arena. Facing a fresh cut field of grass - his back to his beloved Quidditch field - Professor Endredgigon had laid out 26 brand-new Yajirushi racing booms. To believe, when he'd cleaned out the school's storage lockers he'd found even a few old Starsw
  3. Character: Marc Endredgigon Face: Jeremy Irons
  4. Name: Marc Antony Endredgigon School Graduated From: Hogwarts House Graduated From: Gryffindor (former Prefect and Head Boy) Requested Profession/Job: Flying Department Head Why Do You Want This Job: Flying is an art form in the Wizarding world unlike any else. Reliant on muggle reflexes and intuition as much as it is innate magical ability, a wizard of their broom achieves heights of finesse and mental fortitude akin even to the greatest of spellcasters. To ignore the broom is to ignore an extention of the wizard's self. Anything Else You Would Like to Add: 6 years