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  1. The walk into the dungeon was damp and dark, fitting for the style typical to the part of Hogwarts often designated to Slytherin and their ilk. Corolianus wished he'd had charms class first, and learned how to cast the Lumos spell...that seemed like it'd come in handy. Otherwise, as the quiet and lanky eleven year old took quick, light steps around the dungeons in search of the Potions classroom, he felt excited. Something about bunching over a cauldron and brewing potions felt...magical to him. In the same way his dad always talked about flying like some overlooked part of being a
  2. Though Corolianus couldn't wait to get into the groove of actual spellcasting, he also felt excited for his first Herbology class. His mother kept separate gardens of magical and muggle plants and vegetables, and it was about this time of summer he'd be helping her with her outside work the most. Linus found it calming. Impressed at the tent-structure encompassing the greenhouse, Linus let out a weak little whistle and entered, glancing at the chalkboard before giving a sort of nervous wave to the professor and other student already present. From his bag he produced his textbook, h
  3. 'Bit of an odd thing, this,' thought the young Corolianus as he stumbled his way through the massive castle ground all the way to a clearing, dotted with some scattered benches and a chalkboard, 'I'll take being outside but why the walk?' A little winded, Linus felt through his yellow and black robes for his wand, making sure he even had it. He'd been excited to learn spells proper, staying up late the night before practicing drawing it from his side like those very oldmuggle movies his parents liked to watch sometimes - and a post-spell flourish that'd be his. Approaching the pro
  4. Character: Corolianus Endredgigon Face: John Cusack
  5. Student Name: Corolianus Maximus Amadeus Endredgigon ("CMA" or "Linus" for short) Requested House: Hufflepuff Why Would You Like to be Sorted Into This House: Endlessly prideful even in failure, Linus values loyalty and dedication to righteousness and truth. He is highly empathic, and has a hard time telling people in need of help "no". Background of Character: Born to Mirial and Marc Endredgigon, Corolianus grew up in a household of powerful magic - his mother, Mirial, was a Charms Professor at Ilvermorny for some years before becoming a fiction writer, and his father, Marc,