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  1. OOC: Any students are welcome to add their entrance post or simply jump into the post as if they had been in attendance all along. I simply want to get the lecture started. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Professor Hewes, after some brief conversation with two Hufflepuff students, returned the the platform. He was pleased that two from his own class had been the first to arrive. It was a confirming sign that Hufflepuff remained loyal to the same values he remember as a student in Hogw
  2. Ambrose arrived early to class, as was his custom. The dungeon classroom was as he had expected to find it. Rows of wooden bench style desks were strategically placed so as students could view the professor from the heightened platform. A chalkboard, podium, and bench table lay bare, except for the layer of dust that had gathered on the surface. The room was chilling, even with the blue checkered blazer he wore. He patted his sleeves and buttoned the blazer shut, attempting to conserve whatever body heat he could. 'Let's make this dungeon a place of learning,' he muttered to himsel
  3. Potions Course Tracker Gryffindor Hufflepuff @Corolianus Endredgigon 10 Points Lesson One: 1 Post @Azalea Inkwell 10 Points Lesson One: 1 post Ravenclaw Slytherin
  4. Retirement Award Ministry of Magic Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
  5. The Office of Professor Ambrose Thaddeus Hewes Department Head of Potions
  6. Character: Ambrose Thaddeus Hewes Face Claim: Patrick Stewart
  7. Name: Ambrose Thaddeus Hewes School Graduated From: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry House Graduated From: Hufflepuff Requested Profession/Job: Potions Department Head Why Do You Want This Job: Potions is the quintessential class for any witch and wizard. In this class, students rely on their knowledge of herbology to mix combinations of ingredients to create tonics, antidotes, medicine, and more; all of which could one day save their lives. Potions is often neglected by students in favor of wand tricks and racing on brooms. Professor Hewes has traveled the mag