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  1. Jason smiled, he had remember the professor being around his house when he was little. But after that he could not recall the professor being around. Jason had not really thought about that much until he had arrived at Hogwarts. "My family is doing well, thanks. They are busy as always it seems." Jason sighed. His mother and father had always been busy and he had almost never saw them. Jason had been brought up with a nanny. "How has your day been, professor?" Jason asked.
  2. Great, thank you professor!
  3. Name: Jason Opal Current Year: First Year
  4. Hello, I noticed the galleons on the right side of the front page. I don't think I have seen it before. How do we earn galleons and what are they used for? Thanks!
  5. Jason was making his way back down to the common room after grabbing a quick snack in the Great Hall. He had just reached the potions corridor when he saw the headmaster walking around. That's odd, Jason thought, the headmaster was usually in his office or the Great Hall. To the best of his knowledge he had never seen him down in the dungeons. Jason thought for a moment that maybe it would be good to get on the headmaster's better side. Jason walked a little faster to catch up to the headmaster. "Hello Professor, it's nice to see you." Jason greeted.
  6. Jason wrote the topic on his parchment and the notes on the board. It was now time to put the lesson into practice. Jason took his wand and pointed it at the plant. "Diffindo." Jason commanded and a clean cut was produced where he had pointed his wand. Jason smirked, perfect he thought to himself. He tried the spell again it produced the same affect. Jason raised his hand to call the professor over.
  7. Jason entered the herbology greenhouse and stink of earth assaulted his nose. Yuck, he thought to himself. This was muggle and servants work not a true wizards work. But this was a required class and it was with the headmaster. Jason was not going to complain he wanted to be on the headmaster's good side. Glancing around Jason took a seat towards the front of the room so that the headmaster could plainly see him. "Hello Professor." Jason greeted and waited for the lesson to begin.
  8. Jason made a few notes here and there as the professor talked. This lesson was going to be breeze. The hovering charm was used so much back at home that Jason thought he could preform it in his sleep for the amount times he watched his parents cast the spell. Jason cleared his mind and focused on the feather. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Jason commanded and the feather shot up from the desk and hovered where Jason was pointing his wand. He moved his wand and the feather followed without hesitation. This is perfect, Jason thought. Satisfied with the results Jason pointed his wand at his desk and the feather came to peaceful rest where he had pointed his wand. Now Jason waited for the professor to continue the lesson.
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