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Prof. Alexander Johnson

Courses Information

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Types of Courses Offered


Forum Roleplay Based Courses

All the lesson topics will be posted at the beginning of the term. Students will post arriving to the class, interacting with other students, completing activities and more. Students will earn house points at the end of the term based on how many posts they make.


Non-RP Courses

All lesson will be posted at the beginning of the term. Attached to the lesson will be an assignment that will need to be completed and PMed to the professor. The professor will grade the assignment, return the grade to the student and submit the house points.


Discord Based Courses



How To Earn Your Credits and Move Up In Year

Each completed course is worth 1 credit and students will need 3 credits to move up to the next year,


For forum roleplay courses, students will post 5 times (50+ Points) to earn their credit. For non-roleplay courses, students must earn 50 points (10 correct answers).


How to Move Up In Year


To move up to the next year, a student must have earned 3 credits during that term. Once the deadlines to submit house points and credits has passed, a topic will be posted to sign up for a year move up. Students can keep track of their credits via the Credits Records.

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