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Early in the establishment of the Ministry of Magic and the Magical Congress of the United States of America, the two governing bodies agreed that there should always be a direct line of communication between the Minister and the President. Owls were too slow, howlers were too aggressive, and both were subject to interception. Furthermore, both the floo network and apparating were too informal and had a tendency to be ill-timed; the solution - a portrait of each leader's counterpart was placed in their office for consistent, private contact when in-person meetings were not feasible.


In years past, the Minister and President would have scheduled meetings each month that alternated between offices and used their portraits for anything outside of those times. However, the election of President Trump in 2016 had reduced communication between the magical leaders to virtually nonexistent. Pressure from the no-maj government to restrict communication with non-American allies began almost immediately upon the current administration's inauguration. What began as a mere suggestion quickly gave way to a clear directive to cease all non-essential communication and then an all-together ban on outside communication that wasn't regulated by the no-maj.


To the wizarding world at large, nothing had really seemed too concerning; President Wyatt L. Finch still made his needed appearances, and he explained his lack of communication on various issues within the country that kept him away from the office almost entirely. Minister Demetru had never removed the portrait of Finch, although it had grown chronically empty and took up wall space near the fireplace.


Suddenly, the portrait suddenly sprang to life when Wyatt's likeness hurried in, short of breath and frantic with eyes wild fear. His panicked eyes quickly darted around the office, trying to find Arya.


"Arya!" he screamed between breaths. "Arya!"


Arya was just heading out of her office with Hogwarts' Headmaster Alexander Johnson. The pair jolted at the voice that had grown unfamiliar coming from a place that long been silent. They turned and saw a heaving President Finch pressing as close to the portrait's surface as he possibly could.


"MACUSA has fallen! The pureblood movement has risen up against the recent protests and riots across the country! I...We need your help! My office is currently under siege and I need somewhere safe!"

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Arya and Alexander were having their weekly meeting to reflect on the upcoming school year and the hiring of new professors. They had fallen into the routine throughout the year as Arya's new appointment as Minister became busier. Sipping their tea Arya stared over at the empty space on her wall, President Wyatt Finch had missed their monthly meeting for the fourth month in a row last night. She knew things were not going well in America, but she missed her friend. They had grown up together and both rose to power around the same time. Keeping the wizarding world a secret was growing increasingly difficult in America and Arya wasn't sure how to help.

Alexander has been explaining the new process he had come up with for approving professor applications and how well it was turning out candidates when Arya returned to focus. "I'm sorry Alex, I'm famished, care to continue talking over lunch at The Leaky Cauldron?"

They were making their way out to lunch when the portrait that had been long forgotten sprang to life. a flustered President Wyatt Finch had appeared in her office for the first time in ages. Grabbing Alex's arm she gasps, "Wyatt! What is happening? Please come to my office!" 

With a wave of her wand she released the wards on her office to allow apparition.


@President Wyatt L. Finch @Prof. Alexander Johnson


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Alexander loved his time with Arya, his best friend. But, he could not help but notice that she was rather distracted. She kept looking at Wyatt's portrait. Something was wrong, and he knew it. A few of his acquaintances in New York were becoming more and more worried about what was happening around them.

"Sure, I'm rather hungry myself." Alexander agreed.

Nodding along with Arya, Alexander was walking with her towards the door when Wyatt's portrait screamed with alarm. After hearing the quick conversation he took Arya's arm reassuringly and took out his wand. He was ready for whatever was about to happen. The three of them were in this together.

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