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Corolianus Endredgigon - SORTED

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Student Name: Corolianus Maximus Amadeus Endredgigon ("CMA" or "Linus" for short) 

Requested House: Hufflepuff

Why Would You Like to be Sorted Into This House: Endlessly prideful even in failure, Linus values loyalty and dedication to righteousness and truth. He is highly empathic, and has a hard time telling people in need of help "no". 

Background of Character: Born to Mirial and Marc Endredgigon, Corolianus grew up in a household of powerful magic - his mother, Mirial, was a Charms Professor at Ilvermorny for some years before becoming a fiction writer, and his father, Marc, was a Seeker for the Italian National Team for nearly two decades. 

Though not inherently talented, magically, Linus has become better with studying to improve his skills over time. Yet at his hard is a slacking goof, more set on keeping people happy and feeling fulfilled than he is becoming a powerful wizard. He likes elaborate, meticulous pranks, and it's in his dedication to that which shows what he could do with the right mindset and a clear goal. If only it were for more productive means...

Anything Else You Wish to Include: 13" Acacia Wood Wand, Thunderbird Tail Feather, Rigid

Owns an old Thunderbolt broomstick (if he's a first year he won't be able to ride it yet) 

Has a pet black cat named Marlo


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