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Marc Antony Endredgigon - SORTED

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Name: Marc Antony Endredgigon

School Graduated From: Hogwarts

House Graduated From: Gryffindor (former Prefect and Head Boy) 

Requested Profession/Job: Flying Department Head

Why Do You Want This Job: Flying is an art form in the Wizarding world unlike any else. Reliant on muggle reflexes and intuition as much as it is innate magical ability, a wizard of their broom achieves heights of finesse and mental fortitude akin even to the greatest of spellcasters. To ignore the broom is to ignore an extention of the wizard's self. 

Anything Else You Would Like to Add: 6 years as Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, 2 as Captain. 4 consecutive Quidditch and House Cups won during his time at Hogwarts. 

An addition 16 year Quidditch career spent between the Italian Nationals and United States Quidditch League. Across 4 World Cups, the Italians qualified for the tournament every time with Marc as their seeker- when previously they hadn't been in over a decade. Though they never won the World Cup, they did appear in the Finals twice, putting the Italian National team on the Quidditch map. 

In the USQL, Marc spent ten years with the Sweetwater All-stars as both chaser and seeker. They consistently placed high in the Cup Tournament, though won but once. He later joined the Finchburg Finches as a chaser full time, helping lead the team to its most recent championship this past year before announcing his retirement. 

After retiring, Marc was approached by the Ministry of Magic and MACUSA with Auror positions in mind, though they were quickly turned down. 


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