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Schuyler makes her way into her classroom about an hour before lesson time. She had just returned from a trip to France to visit her mother, walking through the halls of Hogwarts brought her heart home. Walking up to her blackboard she begins to write...

What is Arithmancy?

Sitting on her desk she starts to flip through the new textbook she had chosen for this term. It was a shorter text but still covered the basics for the unorthodox course. Typically she wouldn't suggest first year students take Arithmancy, but this year there were many exceptional students at Hogwarts and she looked forward to introducing them to the Magic of Numbers.

The next thing she knew the Clock tower was chiming 8 o'clock and it was the end of breakfast, the students should be coming in soon. She made her way around the desk and took a seat in front of the class roster, awaiting the summer class.

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Azalea had prepared herself for the first day of class the night before, while the other girls from her dorm were down in the common room.  She was thrilled to begin her studies, and didn't want to be caught unprepared.  The experience at Hogwarts was overwhelming and breathtaking.  There was so much to see and do, just exploring the school grounds.  The buffet tables alone were enough to distract even the most dedicated student.  

She had finished breakfast with 15 minutes to spare before her first morning class.  She had carefully watched the clock tic, wanting to ensure she had plenty of time to reach the first class on time.  Leaving the Great Hall, she took a left instead of a right, circling back around, only to realize she would have ended up in the courtyard either way.  She picked up her pace, taking the one route she knew to class.

The chime went off about the time she grabbed the door handle.  She carefully opened the classroom door peering in.  Thankfully the chalkboard confirmed that she was in the right location.  She sighed heavily, releasing the anxiety of arriving late to her first class of the day.  "Good morning, Professor," she waved, eyes darting between open seats and the professor's eyes.  She found a spot in the second row, towards the center of the room and claimed it.    


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