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Lesson One - Survival Kit

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Ambrose arrived early to class, as was his custom.  The dungeon classroom was as he had expected to find it.  Rows of wooden bench style desks were strategically placed so as students could view the professor from the heightened platform.  A chalkboard, podium, and bench table lay bare, except for the layer of dust that had gathered on the surface.  The room was chilling, even with the blue checkered blazer he wore.  He patted his sleeves and buttoned the blazer shut, attempting to conserve whatever body heat he could.  

'Let's make this dungeon a place of learning,' he muttered to himself, pulling his wand from the inner jacket pocket.  A simple flick towards the windows raised the tiny half-moon shutters, allowing light to fill the room.  He nodded, pleased with the simple transformation, as a grin took hold of his face.  He meandered through the room, around the student desks, and cautiously stepped up onto the professor's platform.  He groaned at the podium, "I remember those lectures back in my day."  He pointed his wand at the podium, lifting into the air and carefully guiding it off the platform and into the corner.  "I think we shall try something different today," he glared at the podium, scolding it's unyielding style for traditional education methods.

Grabbing a piece of chalk from underneath the blackboard, he paused in thought.  He wrote:


Stepping back, he admired his work, and replaced the chalk with a chuckle.  Pleased with the setup, he walked towards the front of the platform and leaned backward against the wooden workbench.  He dusted the chalk from his hands, and waited eagerly for the classroom door to swing open.  

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The walk into the dungeon was damp and dark, fitting for the style typical to the part of Hogwarts often designated to Slytherin and their ilk. Corolianus wished he'd had charms class first, and learn

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The walk into the dungeon was damp and dark, fitting for the style typical to the part of Hogwarts often designated to Slytherin and their ilk. Corolianus wished he'd had charms class first, and learned how to cast the Lumos spell...that seemed like it'd come in handy. 

Otherwise, as the quiet and lanky eleven year old took quick, light steps around the dungeons in search of the Potions classroom, he felt excited. 

Something about bunching over a cauldron and brewing potions felt...magical to him. In the same way his dad always talked about flying like some overlooked part of being a wizard, Linus felt potion making might fill that need for him. 

Finally finding the classroom, Linus was surprised by the amount of natural light filtering in. It was still cold as night, but what else would one expect from the dungeons? 

Being the first into the class, Linus froze a bit, looking at the empty rows of benches and the raised lecturing platform. He found the professor with his eyes and let out a sigh of relief. 

"Hello, Professor Hewes," he greeted his Head of House with a somber quiet to him.

Feeling there to be no other option, he set his belongings and classroom necessities up in a front row bench, sitting toward a far wall, taking a look at the lecturn shoved unceremoniously in the corner. 


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Azalea stepped carefully down the steps to the dungeon level of the school.  The stone passages were dark and cold, feeling damp to the touch.  She reached the bottom of the stairwell, hesitantly peering down both directions.  Several doors dotted the opposite wall.  She hesitated, unable to identify which way her class would be.  She took a left and hoped it would lead to the right door.

'Finally,' she thought, arriving at the potions classroom.  She pushed in the classroom door to a large bay with wooden benches.  An older gentleman stood in front, 'Professor Hewes,' she noted quietly.  He was speaking to another Hufflepuff student, who appeared to be patiently waiting for class to begin.  She made her way to the same row, books in hand, and shoulder slug over shoulder.  

Not wanting to interrupt, she spaced herself appropriately and took her seat.  Although, still engaged in conversation, Professor Hewes glanced at her.  She waved a subtle hello in return and focused on setting up her learning space on the cold wooden bench.  She placed the text in front of her and the inkwell and feather pen above and to the right.  


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OOC: Any students are welcome to add their entrance post or simply jump into the post as if they had been in attendance all along.  I simply want to get the lecture started.


Professor Hewes, after some brief conversation with two Hufflepuff students, returned the the platform.  He was pleased that two from his own class had been the first to arrive.  It was a confirming sign that Hufflepuff remained loyal to the same values he remember as a student in Hogwarts.  He marveled at the two, remembering his own first year, although he hadn't attended summer term.

He watched as several students from Gryffindor House arrived in their robes of red.  The promptly took their seats congregating in the second row.  A few from Ravenclaw were the next to arrive, followed by a few from Slytherin.  He had been told to expect a sparse classroom during the summer and assumed that all the students present were ready and accounted for.

"Good morning class," Hewes began, voice wavering with age and experience.  "Welcome to Potion Making Essentials, where we will be exploring the basic survival kit every witch and wizard needs at home and at work."  Hewes paused, pressing his hands together, rubbing them to knock the chill off his hands.  "Now, lets start with some basics," he began pacing the platform slowly, "Can anyone tell me what two basic materials Phials are made from?  Extra points for whoever can tell me the benefit and detriment of each material."

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